Tip #127 What Not to Do in a Collaborative Divorce

When you head into your Fort Bend County collaborative divorce, resist creating your own suggested property division. You may think this will be an easy divorce if everyone would just listen to you. If they would just see the wisdom of your property division suggestion, this divorce could be settled quickly.

When you do this in the collaborative setting, you risk looking like you are trying to manipulate the end result. Your ideas might be exactly what will work best for you and your spouse, but it won’t play well if you hand it out at the first or even second meeting.

Your spouse needs to participate in the development of the property division plan. Your spouse needs to feel that his or her needs have been fully considered. Plus, when people participate in creating a solution, they buy into it. They own it. That helps make the agreement stick.

Tracy B. Stewart CPA, PFS, CFF, CDFA, CFP®