Donald R. Royall

Donald R. Royall

Donald R. Royall

We all strive to be better at what we do. If by “better lawyer” we mean counselor to our clients, all of life’s experiences, if we learn from them, make us better lawyers. I have been through good times, and bad, and have experienced painful personal tragedies, like so many of my clients. There is a good chance that when I say “I understand”, I really do.  My legal background is eclectic to say the least. I have taught in the college classroom, both as an economics professor at Texas A&M University, and as an adjunct law professor teaching Family Law at the University of Houston School of Law. In the course of more than 50 years in law practice, so far, in addition to  extensive family law experience, I have defended criminal cases, and major insurance companies, and sued on behalf of plaintiffs in damage suits, including one successful claim against a music and motion picture star so prominent that one of the terms of the settlement was that the terms of the settlement must never be revealed. I have been involved in business litigation and transactional work. I was privileged to be the managing partner of a prominent “old line” law firm representing major clients in the oil and gas industry as well as commercial real estate development, and probate and estate planning. And of course, for the last 30 years or so I have concentrated my practice on family law, not only as a litigator, but as a mediator, arbitrator, and collaborative lawyer as well. From hundreds of lawsuits and thousands of transactions, hopefully something of value rubbed off from each one that will contribute to an exercise of sound judgment that will benefit some future client at the proper time.

In Real Life I am blessed to be the devoted husband of one, father of four, grandfather of ten, and alpha male to my trusty companion, Calamity Sam, an ever vigilant young Cocker Spaniel who agrees with me on almost everything except his need to bark at squirrels. Still married to the former Joann Worley of Houston, Texas since 1956, I have spent my entire adult life in Houston except for sojourns to Texas A&M University for an education, and the University of Texas Law School to “learn a trade.” Along the way I have been privileged to play college and semi-pro baseball, sing with the Houston Grand Opera, ride tens of thousands of miles on a motorcycle deep into Mexico (long before motorcycles were cool), own a motorcycle dealership, conduct The Houston Symphony Orchestra, be a church choir director and bail bondsman, all while managing to persuade my bride of all these years to continue to be patient with me. This eclectic journey has taught me how truly unique each client, and that client’s values, really are. Collaborative practice allows me to honor the uniqueness of each client, while serving as an advocate, counselor and guide during perilous times in their lives.

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