James E. Kincade

One of Fort Bend County’s top family law attorneys for alRNF4162-Kincade, James E. -  P2most 15 years, James E. Kincade is dedicated to helping families through some of the most difficult times in their lives when it comes to divorce.  Licensed and practicing in Fort Bend and surrounding counties since 1998, James E. Kincade has helped hundreds of families to work out optimal solutions to their marital and family law matters.

Mr. Kincade is well respected by peers, judges, former clients and other professionals.  He has always been committed to serving the residents of Texas, and specifically Fort Bend County, by serving as the president of the Fort Bend County Bar Association in 2002 and 2009.  He is a prominent mediator regularly appointed by Fort Bend County Judges and used by many attorneys to help others resolve their disputes without going to Court, and has been helping his own clients stay out of Court thru the use of Collaborative Law Divorce since 2002.

You can rely on the knowledge and experience of James E. Kincade to understand the client’s goals, work with the client to resolve conflict, and minimize the expense, frustration, and anguish that clients can be exposed to through traditional litigation by utilizing the Collaborative Approach.  If you have children and want to preserve the parental relationships, or if you do not have children but want to divorce amicably, you should consider a Collaborative Law approach to your case.  Contact us today for more information.

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