Judith Miller

Judith Miller, LCSW

Judith Miller, LCSW

Judith Miller, LCSW has been a pioneer in the integration of marriage and family therapy with substance abuse counseling for over thirty years. Receiving both of her degrees from the University of Houston, she is a well-known speaker and has appeared on various television and radio programs. In addition, she has produced her own video on divorce. She was one of the original therapists trained in Collaborative Law and is known for helping families through the transitions of divorce. She teaches positive co-parenting skills to other professionals.

Judith helped many couples to find their “inner strengths” when they where close to dissolving their marriages. She works with children as young as three-years-old; and will counsel people living in nursing homes, if arranged in advanced. Her training includes working with children, teenagers, adults and geriatrics. She uses various mediums including music, art, and journaling and uses well-known cognitive techniques adapted and tailor-made to each individual. She has been trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis and is a Certified Imago Therapist.

Ms. Miller has vast experience working and being able to diagnosis the following psychological disorders and addictive disorders: substance abuse; gambling; emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; working with crime victims; working with post-traumatic stress disorder; depression/anxiety disorders; bi-polar disorders; developmental disorders such as–Asbergers-Austim disorders; and other psychiatric disorders.

Ms. Miller also provides professional assessments for the family, criminal, immigration, and civil courts. Ms. Miller finds creative solutions when working with complex family problems. She is a member Physicians for Human Rights and offers her services free when working program. She has trained other professionals in her field. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Mental Illness Association for Greater Houston (NOMI).

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